Equipping scholars since 1931.

Zondervan Academic, a division of Zondervan and HarperCollins Christian Publishing, serves the needs of Christian scholars, pastors, and students. Since 1931, we have been privileged to partner with the scholarly community to develop Christ-honoring resources in service of the academy and the church worldwide. Together we produce works in various areas of biblical-theological studies that exhibit faithfulness to historic Christian faith, cultural relevance, excellence, and innovation.

Our values

Faithfulness to historic Christian faith

Our academic publishing seeks to reflect the breadth and diversity—both theological and global—of the great Christian tradition in its broadly evangelical expression. We see ourselves as a broker of ideas in Christian scholarship, while maintaining our commitment to the heart of orthodox Christianity.

Cultural relevance

We help the academic community engage today’s culture, address the complex contemporary issues, and offer a prophetic voice to the society and the church at large.


We publish academic resources at the highest quality of scholarship. Our team of academic publishing professionals adds editorial excellence and marketing value to every resource we produce.


We keep in step with the fast-paced technological advances of our day and lead the way in new avenues of academic publishing.


What we publish

Zondervan Academic publishes across a broad range of disciplines in biblical studies, theology, Christian history, philosophy, ethics, apologetics, psychology, education, ministry, and mission. Our purpose is to serve the professional needs of scholars, pastors, and students by equipping them well for research, teaching, preaching, and learning. To that end, Zondervan Academic publishing program focuses on textbooks, reference, academic monographs, and digital learning.


A leader in Christian higher education, we produce textbooks for college, seminary, and church-based classrooms around the world. Written by today’s leading scholars, our textbooks bring the best teaching methods to covering a wide range of biblical-theological disciplines. To enhance and promote learning, our textbooks are supported by extensive teaching resources to help instructors use them more effectively and to equip their students who will be the scholars and pastors of tomorrow.


Our reference program offers resources for every Christian’s bookshelf. Ranging from basic to highly technical, Zondervan Academic reference books include commentaries, dictionaries, handbooks, encyclopedias, concordances, and more. Whether used for teaching, preaching, or studying, these must-have books promise to educate and equip their readers.

Academic monographs

Academic monographs advance Christian scholarship by addressing new and important topics in biblical and theological studies. By publishing cutting-edge scholarship, Zondervan Academic supports scholars, current and future, in their own research and professional development.

Digital learning

The textbooks and scholarship you trust are now available as online courses and video lectures. You can take our seminary-level online courses with a class or on your own, and our online streaming service MasterLectures give you unlimited access to thousands of video lectures on the Bible and theology.


Our products

Browse Zondervan Academic's books and other products at zondervanacademic.com. For digital learning, view our streaming video lectures, and our online courses for institutions and for independent learners.


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