Not What You Think


So, you're skeptical about the Bible . . . well guess what: you're not alone.

The Bible is seen by many contemporary readers as intolerant, outdated, out of step with societal norms at best, and a tool of oppression at worst. In this earnest and illuminating read, millennial thought leaders and aspiring theologians Michael and Lauren McAfee are here to say: fair enough. But they're also here to raise a few questions of their own: What if we cleared the deck on our preconceptions of this book and encountered it anew? What if we came with the understanding that our questions are welcome? And what if these pages presented less of a system to figure out, and more of a story to step into — a story with more surprising plot twists than we might think?

Michael and Lauren spent their childhoods in church and Sunday school, they spent part of their twenties finding their way in the world in New York City, and today they're shaping their careers while pursuing doctoral studies in theology and ethics. Along the way, they've had to wrangle very real questions — both their own, and of their friends — about why, where, and how the most controversial book in history fits in our world today.

Not What You Think not only blows the dust off dated misperceptions of this ancient book, it engages the problems of this book head-on — the parts that make modern readers squeamish, skeptical, and uncertain. Join Michael and Lauren as they explore the nature of the Bible — an ancient mosaic of story, literature, history, and poetry — and what it means for this generation and its relationship with God. Ultimately, Not What You Think is an invitation to come and see, and be surprised.


Lysa Terkeurst

#1 New York Times bestselling author; president, Proverbs 31 Ministries

"If you’ve ever had questions about how relevant God’s Word is to your life, you need this book. Michael and Lauren not only understand your hesitations but come alongside you to process your questions while uncovering the ways Scripture can become a personal lifeline."

Russell Moore

president, The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention

“Lauren and Michael offer in this accessible work a hopeful vision for millennials and gen Zers who are skeptical of the Bible’s claims. May this book encourage you to read and consider with an open mind the most important book in history.”

Louie Giglio

pastor, Passion City Church; founder, Passion Conferences

“Engaging. Timely. This book invites skeptics and seekers alike to a renewed understanding and embrace of God’s Word. Michael and Lauren are wise and trustworthy guides, encouraging us to find our story within the greatest story of all.”

Andy Mineo

hip-hop recording artist

"Lauren and Michael have been friends with my wife and me for some years. Their willingness to listen and welcome challenging perspectives tells me a lot about their character. They value truth over their biases and aren’t afraid of the uncomfortable questions. That is why they are so well equipped to share what they’ve found in this book."

Gabe Lyons

president, Q Ideas; author, Good Faith

“Not only millennials but readers from every generation will benefit from this fresh perspective on the Bible. This book creates space for the skeptical or casual Bible reader to address the hard questions head on. We need that now more than ever.”

Lee Strobel

bestselling author, The Case for Christ and The Case for Miracles

“Conversational, clear, compelling, convincing—here’s a winsome and insightful invitation to experience the most profound and controversial book of history. Are you willing to read this book by the McAfees with an open mind? If so, great surprises—and rewards—await you.”

Eric Metaxas

#1 New York Times bestselling author; host, nationally syndicated The Eric Metaxas Radio Show

"If you are a millennial who has never considered the Bible, drop everything and read this book. Michael and Lauren dare you to see things you may have overlooked about the most popular book in history."

Robby and Kandi Gallaty

authors, Here and Now and Disciple Her

“Michael and Lauren offer historical, biblical, and practical advice for their generation and future generations to come. You will walk away with a better understanding of the millennial and gen Z generations, and your love for the Bible will deepen in the process.”

Bobby Gruenewald

founder, YouVersion Bible App

“This book invites the millennial generation to shake off their preconceptions about the Bible and explore its pages for themselves. Michael and Lauren provide thoughtful encouragement in this welcome read.”

Matt Brown

evangelist, author, founder of Think Eternity

"I encourage you to order a stack of copies of this book and pass them to young people in your life that you care about, as well as reading it for yourself. Together, we can reconnect the next generation with the Word of God."

Esther Fleece Allen

speaker; author, No More Faking Fine

“Michael and Lauren are a much needed voice for biblical inerrancy in the millennial generation. They challenge all of us to face our questions about the Bible head on and not to dismiss the Bible before reading it. Any of us who care to see our faith transferred to the next generation must read this book.”

Dr. Chris Wall

senior pastor, First Baptist Church of Owasso, Oklahoma

“The McAfees have articulated an insightful and helpful explanation of how millennials are colliding with the Book of All Books. It will help you, as it helped me, to gain a greater understanding of millennials in your congregation and community.”


Michael McAfee

Michael McAfee is the Director of Bible Engagement for Museum of the Bible.

He forges strategic partnerships with faith leaders and nonprofits, speaks to audiences around the country, and leads a team of marketing specialists to support the museum's mission. After completing his MDiv at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Michael is now a PhD student under Dr. Russell Moore. Michael is married to his Sunday school sweetheart, Lauren, and they live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. You can follow Michael at

Lauren Green McAfee

Lauren Green McAfee is a speaker, writer, connector and coffee enthusiast with a heart to engage others in the Bible.

While pursuing her graduate degrees in pastoral counseling and theology, Lauren worked for her father Steve Green as he founded Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC. Today Lauren works for Hobby Lobby as Corporate Ambassador, and is pursuing a PhD in Ethics and Public Policy at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Lauren and her husband Michael live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. You can follow Lauren at