Dear Reader,

This book began the same way we hope it will end: as a conversation around the dinner table. The four of us who worked on this book, and passed a basket of warm bread around a wooden outdoor table that day, don’t have a lot in common. And yet, although our families, careers, and life stages are very different, our unlikely friendship began at the intersection of four individually and collectively painful seasons—griefs that we’d been carrying quietly. From a sudden loss to the surprises that came along with adoption to the ache of packing up and starting over, we didn’t understand what one another was going through, and we definitely didn’t know the words to say. And then we found them. They were God’s words

In the midst of our own terrible messes, we have come to know intimately the comfort of God. The redemptive arc of the gospel doesn’t shy away from dealing with real suffering and sorrow. Christ came to bear our griefs and carry our sorrows. He is not scared by your deepest pain. He is our greatest friend and comforter. We hope this is a book you’ll feel comfortable putting in the hands of your friends and family members when you don’t understand the pain they are experiencing, and you don’t know what to say. Use this book as a daily guide, or open it anytime you need an extra reminder of God’s hand of redemption. May we find the words of comfort in these pages together

—Caleb, Rebecca, Kaitlin, and Cymone

The Book of Comforts is a beautiful four-color book of readings that offer biblical consolation and encouragement in seasons of trial and grief. Scripture selections are accompanied by brief devotions, alongside designed Scripture passages and photography.

Grief, loss, and pain are significant and unavoidable parts of the human experience, but they’re often overlooked or minimized. In moments of heartache and challenges we either crumble or we discover the richness of God's love. Scripture deals plainly and honestly with suffering and simultaneously points people the rich hope we find in God.


Kaitlin Wernet is a storyteller surrendered to hope. Forever passionate about holding the tension of darkness and light, she is grateful for the Good News that acknowledges and redeems both. With a journalism degree from the University of South Carolina, she spends her days writing everything from marketing strategies and prizeworthy puns to nonfiction essays and She Reads Truth devotionals. Living in Nashville, Tennessee by way of Asheville, North Carolina, she’s always planning her next big travel adventure but vows to only plant roots in cities that rhyme.


Caleb Faires was trained in drawing since childhood and he just can’t shake those early lessons. He has spent his life drawing and studied illustration, painting, and sculpture at Hillsdale College in Michigan. He has been fortunate to illustrate and design for private collectors, ad campaigns, and publishers. He also serves as a professor at New College Franklin, teaching drawing and sculpture. In addition to his artwork, Caleb is a contributing writer at He Reads Truth. He lives in a log cabin in Tennessee with his lovely wife and five children, where he continues to illustrate and write.


Rebecca Faires loves the gospel story. And she needs it every morning when she wakes up to raise her five little people. Rebecca holds a bachelor’s degree from Hillsdale College in German, and most recently worked as the managing editor and writer at She Reads Truth. She now works from home to live her dream of writing and illustrating books with her favorite mountain man. They work from a log cabin in the hills of Tennessee where she enjoys sitting on the porch when it rains, surprises gone terribly wrong, baby hummingbirds, the Oxford English Dictionary, and getting in way over her head.


Cymone Wilder is a Nashville based designer, lettering artist, and sometimes photographer. She holds a degree in Art from Olivet Nazarene University, and has a professional, marketing-focused design background. She is fiercely passionate about producing meaningful and long-lasting work, drawing inspiration from the very real and analog world around her. Since 2013 she has collaborated with amazing clients–creating custom lettering artwork for established brands, bibles, books, apparel, and much more.