1,000 Amazing Facts and Photos

Following the popular The Bible Explorer's Guide, this new volume, People and Places: 1,000 Amazing Facts and Photos is the perfect resource for children curious about the people and places of the Bible. It is packed with fun facts and full-color photos, illustrations, and maps that take kids chronologically through the Bible. Learning about God's Word has never been so much fun!

The book includes:

  • - The first people: Adam and Eve
  • - Kings and queens: King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba
  • - Warriors: Deborah and Samson
  • - Prophets: Elijah and Elisha
  • - The tall and the small: David and Goliath
  • - The ancient world
  • - Jerusalem
  • - And more!

9780310765479 | Hardcover | $15.99

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The Bible Explorer’s Guide uses full-color photographs, maps, and illustrations to make Biblical people and places come alive and encourage kids to strengthen their knowledge of scripture.

9780310758105 | Hardcover | $14.99



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