An Insider’s Guide to Discovering
Your Happily Ever After

Beyond the Castle

Now in Softcover!
Life Isn’t Always a Fairy Tale … or Is It?

Beyond the Castle is written for anyone who yearns for their own Happily Ever After. Don’t we all want a fairy tale life? Our story, rich and alive with characters. Our adventure, even with its stops and starts, significant and purposeful. A life of fairy godmothers, fantasy, and fireworks. Can there be such a thing? Because all too often we feel stuck in routines devoid of pixie dust and magical moments.

Jody Jean Dreyer invites you to step inside the castles of Disney and beyond, unlocking the magic and mystery to illuminate life’s true treasure. Through her entertaining and enlightening stories from more than three decades and twenty-two positions in The Walt Disney Company, she will help bring that magic to life.

Jody experienced Walt Disney World for the first time on a family vacation. That trip inspired her first cast member role as a summer intern in a career that would lead her around the world and to The Walt Disney Company’s senior staff. She has collected one-of-a-kind tales and life lessons, each with their own playful and practical principles to guide you.

Join us on the ride of a lifetime as we journey to the castle and beyond!


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An Indispensable Discussion Guide for Going Beyond with Family and Friends


A Printable Collection of Inspiring Quotes Attributed to Walt Disney Himself


A Hand-lettered Print by Singer/songwriter Kate Voegele from Her Song "Enjoy the Ride"


An Amazing Spotify Playlist of Some of Your Favorite Disney Movie Songs


A Fascinating Interview with Don Hahn, producer of the classic Beauty and the Beast

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"Jody may be the most organized, focused person I’ve ever met, and she has excelled in every job she’s held at the company. No one better embodies the Disney spirit."

Michael D. Eisner

former chairman and CEO of
The Walt Disney Company

“If Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse had a baby, it would be Jody Dreyer.”

Dick Cook

former chairman,
Walt Disney Studios

“I'm a huge believer in good storytelling. And as a fellow Disney fanatic I'm really excited to see the impact of this great read!”

Kate Voegele

One Tree Hill actress,
and recording artist on Disneymania 6

"Jody Dreyer pulls the curtain back to reveal the inner workings of one of the most fascinating and successful companies on earth. Beyond the Castle offers incredible insight for Disney fans and business professionals alike who will relish this peek inside the magic kingdom from Jody’s unique perspective."

Don Hahn

Beauty and the Beast,
The Lion King

“I had a great time reading Jody’s book on her time at Disney as I have been to many of the same places and events that she attended. She went well beyond recounting her experiences though, adding many layers of texture on the how and the why of Disney storytelling. Yet Jody knows the golden rule in this business: If you knew how the trick was done, it wouldn’t be any fun anymore. At the end of the journey, she is simply in awe of the magic just as we all are, even today. Thank you, Jody, for taking us along on that journey.”

Roy P. Disney

grand nephew of Walt Disney

“I first met Jody when she was working for Michael Eisner in charge of the company’s synergy. I was an artist and not used to chumming around Disney executives. But Jody in her own natural way made me feel at ease and relaxed. She exemplified that homespun, Disney quality. There is a certain ‘pixie dust’ magic to her. As I read Jody's words I find that same magic of belief in what she says … she lived it, loved it and believed in it and now is sharing that with others.”

Glen Keane

Disney Legend


Jody Jean Dreyer

A 30-year Disney veteran, Jody Jean Dreyer was a member of Disney senior corporate staff.

She led worldwide synergy, headed Disney’s global outreach initiatives, and held various marketing positions in both the theme park and motion picture units. Among many projects, she performed a major role in the grand opening of Disneyland Paris. In 1986, she traveled the world as the Walt Disney World Ambassador. She met her husband, John, former head of Disney’s Corporate Communications, at the Disney company Christmas party. They have been married 25 years and live in South Carolina.

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Stacy Windahl

Stacy Windahl, a Phi Beta Kappa economics major with an MBA made a right turn out of corporate marketing to freelance writing.

For 16 years she has worked with Young Life Communications. She writes from her home in Bay Village, Ohio, along the Lake Erie shore where she and her family celebrate all things Cleveland. Stacy and Jody share a love of Young Life, pixie dust and fairytale endings.