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Merlin's Blade

Format: Paperback

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Quick Overview:

A strange meteorite. A deadly enchantment. And only Merlin can destroy it. A meteorite brings a mysterious black stone whose sinister power ensnares everyone except Merlin, the blind son of a swordsmith. Soon, all of Britain will be under its power, and he must destroy the stone—or die trying.
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Merlin’s Greatest Weakness Could Become His Greatest Strength

When a meteorite crashes near a small village in fifth-century Britain, it brings with it a mysterious black stone that bewitches anyone who comes in contact with its glow—a power the druids hope to use to destroy King Uthur’s kingdom, as well as the new Christian faith. The only person who seems immune is a young, shy, half-blind swordsmith’s son named Merlin.

As his family, village, and even the young Arthur, are placed in danger, Merlin must face his fears and his blindness to take hold of the role God ordained for him. But when he is surrounded by adversaries, armed only by a sword he’s named Excalibur, how will he save the girl he cherishes and rid Britain of this deadly evil ... without losing his life?

Book includes location map and detailed character index.

Contributor(s) Robert Treskillard
About the Contributor(s) Robert Treskillard

Robert Treskillard has been crafting stories from his early youth, and is a software developer, graphic artist, and sometime bladesmith.  He and his wife have three children and are still homeschooling their youngest. They live in the country near St. Louis, Missouri.


UPC 025986735074
ISBN-10 0310735076
ISBN-13 9780310735076
Publish Date Apr 16, 2013
Weight (lbs) 0.6900
Height 8
Width 5.25
Length 432
Length Unit Pages
Publisher Blink
Price $12.99
Series The Merlin Spiral
Format Paperback
Language English

Customer Reviews

Review by Written Melodies
Overall Rating
Robert Treskillard, in Merlin's Blade, presents engaging writing and a relatable protagonist. Merlin's relatability springs from his daily struggle regarding his abilities and limitations. We all regularly contend with various infirmities be it mental, physical, or emotional. I enjoyed Merlin's strength even in his uncertainty. Despite doubting his physical prowess, Merlin continued to fight and never gave up. Notwithstanding the obstacles, Merlin stood steadfast in his belief.

Holding family and friendship in high esteem, Merlin demonstrates loyalty to both through his interactions with Owain, Garth, and Natalenya. Although Garth's motives prove damaging to he and Merlin, he later redeems himself. His selfless act to save Arthur, resolve to help fight the Druidow, concern of others, and denial of food, despite his never ending hunger, allows him to right his wrongs. A most refreshing aspect, Merlin's Blade contains no love triangles. Yes, score! I found Natalenya to be a likable love interest. During their walk to the smithy, I couldn't help but smile and root for them as Natalenya hints at marriage. Some of the names, objects, and customs were new to me, I appreciated the glossary and pronunciation key in the back of the book. My favorite quote alludes to the Book of Ruth, "But though I don't know where I'm going, I can provide for you. Will you come?" She took his hand. "Where you go, I will go, and your people will be my people" (405).

Now, I await the next installment to find out what's in store for Merlin and his band of followers.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. (Posted on 9/15/2014)

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