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KJV, Note-Taker's Bible, Hardcover, Red Letter Edition

Format: Hardcover

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Quick Overview:

This wide-margin hardcover Bible in the classic King James Version translation is perfect for note -taking and recording memorable moments of insight or inspiration during Bible reading and teaching.
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Finally, a Bible that has plenty of room for taking notes during public or private worship, small-group fellowships, or any other time or place you feel the need to make comments on the Bible. No more cramped writing in tiny margins—the KJV Note-Taker’s Bible makes it easy to stay organized and neat. Personalize the text of God's Word to your life as never before, and treasure this record of your spiritual journey.  Includes the complete text of the classic King James Version.



Deluxe wide margins for note takers

Complete King James Version text

Double-column text for easy reading

Words of Christ in red letter

UPC 025986434151
ISBN-10 0310434157
ISBN-13 9780310434153
Publish Date Sep 30, 2014
Weight (lbs) 2.3400
Height 9.50
Width 6.63
Length 1152
Length Unit Pages
Publisher Zondervan
Price $34.99
Bible Translation King James Version
Format Hardcover
Language English

Customer Reviews

Review by Mark
Overall Rating
The KJV translator's notes were left out, no references, no inner margin, no features = no stars. (Posted on 11/7/2017)
Review by Jack
Overall Rating
I'm really disappointed in Zondervan. Everybody wants opaque, writable bible paper, which Zondervan finally did, but then they go and remove the best features - the KJV marginal footnotes and references. Then they wonder why it gets such low customer ratings. Zondervan really needs some new bible editors. (Posted on 8/6/2016)
Review by Mac
Overall Rating
Where are the KJV textual footnotes?! It's just a featureless, plain text bible. I use another Zondervan KJV reference bible and it has the textual footnotes. How does Zondervan expect people to buy a bible that doesn't even have the basic study helps that we use daily such as references and the textual notes? The KJV textual notes are indispensable. They should have been included in the footer like the other Note-Taker bibles. Finally, the physical dimensions should have been made at least another inch wider to accommodate an inner margin for notes. This is like amateur hour in publishing. Thoroughly disappointed with Zondervan. (Posted on 3/31/2016)
Review by Victor
Overall Rating
Today I will present you with my review of the New King James Version : Note Takers Bible from the house of Zondervan. I will start for the aspects I consider are not so great about this version. First of all, I believe that this Bible does not really represent its name: Note Takers, because simply it does not provide of real space to ad your notations, what they did was that they choose a smaller font, and that gave a little extra margin, but not enough for my taste. That brings me to the second thing I don’t like: small fonts. This version of the Bible, does not provide of anything else, but a promise of more space, and fails to comply with it, unless one have a both very small handwriting and a 20/20 vision. In the order of positive things, the first one is that this is a King James Version, which I believe is well accepted. It also has a neat presentation, and as I mention, with its limits, has space for note taking. I received the hardcover, and is very compact, specially if you like to carry your Bible around, this might be a good option. After all, if you need a Bible to use in your next study group or seasonal seminary, and do not want to have heavy books carrying around, you might want to try the Note Takers Bible.
(Posted on 2/1/2015)
Review by Sally
Overall Rating
From the back cover:

“No more cramped writing in tiny margins—the KJV Note-Taker’s Bible makes it easy to stay organized and neat with room to record notes and insights. Perfect for use during public or private worship, small-group fellowship, or any other time or place you want to write what you are learning. Personalize the text of God’s Word to your life as never before, and treasure this record of your spiritual journey.”

My Review:

Finally a King James Version, red-letter edition Bible that has room for notes! I love it! It is no larger than a normal-size hard-cover bound book, which makes it handy for carrying anywhere you might need to take a Bible. With its extra-wide margins and footer, it eliminates the need for a note pad and you won’t lose your notes. The print is standard size however the crispness of the print makes it exceptionally easy to read. The Bible comes with a dust cover in stunning black and white sporting brown, black and white lettering. Under the dust-jacket the Bible’s cover is a very subtle black plaid with white lettering. Rounding off this beautiful Bible is a contents page, Epistle Dedicatory and a Concordance of the Old and New Testaments. I highly recommend this Bible mainly because I am a big fan of the KJV Bible and also because it has tons of room for note-taking. This would make a perfect gift for anyone but especially for someone just beginning their spiritual journey.

Disclosure: I was given a copy of this Bible by the publisher, Zondervan, through BookLook Bloggers, program for review. I was not required to write a favorable review nor was I compensated for my review. The opinions in this review are my own. (Posted on 12/20/2014)

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