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Greg Nettle

Greg Nettle serves as the President of Stadia Global Church Planting. Stadia and Compassion International have partnered to plant 50 new churches throughout Latin America over the past four years.  Greg recently concluded a 25 year ministry as Visionary Leader of the RiverTree Movement—a church that grew from 100 to more than 3000 people during his tenure.  RiverTree sponsors more than 2000 Compassion children and has helped more than 200 families adopt.  Greg and his wife, Julie, have been married for more than 20 years; they have two children, Tabitha and Elijah.  As a result of God “wrecking” Greg’s heart over children at risk, Greg and Julie now sponsor 8 Compassion children and have become foster parents, which led to the adoption of their son, Elijah, from Cleveland, Ohio. Greg is the co-author of two books; One Of and Disciples Who Make Disciples (with Alex Absalom).  Greg has the opportunity to speak to vast numbers of people every year through conferences, his blog (, teaching in large church settings and traveling throughout the world.  Greg is passionate about mountain climbing, which translates into helping children climb out of the dangers that accompany both poverty and prosperity.

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