The Book of Uncommon Prayer

by Steven Case

On Sale: 2009-07-13

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Book Summary

Provides the framework for a variety of worship services--including prayers, group readings, devotionals, and scripture index. A flexible worship -planning resource for youth workers, camp counselors, and retreat leaders.

About the Book

Why do you need this book? Because there are treasures in tradition. In stark contrast to the common belief that youth workers require nothing less than a light show, smoke machine, and sweaty punk-rock band to reach teenagers' souls, more and more youth have actually been moving toward depth and quiet--and away from fluff and noise. Creeds, candles, silence, and ancient spiritual practices are all gaining understanding and popularity among students who're passionately seeking otherworldly and mysterious fragrances. They're realizing that there are treasures in tradition.


The Book of Uncommon Prayer is your tool for unearthing, dusting off, and tapping into these treasures--but in ways that are completely contemporary and, more importantly, completely relevant to students. It's personal. The prayers and worship services inside are written for youth ministry--for students and for youth workers! They tell the from-the-gut truth about what you and your kids face every day--and in language that won't leave anybody scratching their heads. It's practical. These tools are for just about any situation you can think of. Need a prayer for a lock-in? For family? For loving enemies? For final exams? How about a mind-blowing "Dumpster" Christmas service? An eye-opening service for All Hallows Eve? Or the most intense service for Good Friday you've ever experienced? They're all here--along with many other innovative vehicles for bringing your students into communion with God. It's unparalleled.


This book is for all denominations. It doesn't matter if you’re mainline or evangelical, Protestant or Catholic; The Book of Uncommon Prayer is geared for all teenagers and youth workers in Jesus' church! There's also an entire section of devotions and prayers written specifically for you, the youth worker, to renew and strengthen you when times are tough.


Mysterious. Practical. Treasure-filled. (Yes, uncommon, too!) The Book of Uncommon Prayer is a rich source of God-revealing worship and a one-of-a-kind guide for personal renewal that youth workers, camp counselors, Sunday school teachers, adult volunteers (and even students) will love.

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  • On Sale: 2009-07-13
  • Pages: 128
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  • Series: Soul Shaper
  • Publication Date: 2009-07-13
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