Above All Else

by Chelsea Crockett, Jordan Lee Dooley

On Sale: 2019-10-08

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Format: Hardcover

Book Summary

Chelsea Crockett, author of Your Own Beautiful, introduces a new devotional: Above All Else: 60 Devotions for Young Women. Featuring a beautifully foiled cover, black and teal lettering, and journaling lines, this topical devotional is perfect for gift giving to young women.

About the Book

From the heart and mind of YouTube sensation BeautyLiciousInsider Chelsea Crockett comes this topical devotional about friendship, relationships, family, self-esteem, and living out your faith. Honest, personal, and filled with hope, this devotional just might be what young women need to hear most in their lives right now. 

Chelsea speaks to young women, whether they are experiencing their brightest or darkest moments, inspiring readers to overcome challenges, celebrate the beauty of life, and pursue God above all else.

But this isn’t just another devotional. Chelsea is an inspiring role model and a leading voice for millions of young adults around the globe. Encouraging young women post by post on Instagram and YouTube, Chelsea inspires readers page by page in Above All Else.

Whether it’s body image issues or bullying, beauty and fashion or family and friendship, Chelsea’s got your back to help you put your best self forward.

 Above All Else:

  • Features a beautiful and inspiring cover, black and teal lettering, and journaling lines
  • Is perfect for gift giving to your daughter, granddaughter, friend, or any other young woman in your life
  • Is written by Chelsea Crockett, aka BeautyLiciousInsider YouTube star, author, and actress featured in the films Wish for Christmas, At Your Own Risk, and Make Mom Over


With each devotion, Above All Else will give you relevant biblical encouragement you can apply to every area of your life. I'm so thankful for the wisdom in these pages!

It has been remarkable to see how Chelsea has, throughout her life, let the gifts God has put in her flow through her to be a bright light and a shining example of a role model for so many young women. She exudes joy and compassion, and in her devotional, Above All Else, she carries that same spirit of exuberance and wisdom. With her unique perspective, Chelsea shares hard-earned truths that will propel you past the familiar and inspire you to gain new depths of intimacy in your relationship with God.

Chelsea is more than a close personal friend to me, she is also a strong voice for a generation of young women who want to put God above all else in their lives. I believe these words by Chelsea summarize this devotional, 'Growth doesn't happen overnight, but reading God's incredible words for us about himself can change us in an instant.' If you want to be changed in an j start, or take a journey to learn more about the one who created you, this is the book for you!

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