Classical Apologetics

by John H. Gerstner, Arthur W. Lindsley, R.C. Sproul

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Book Summary

This work on apologetics examines the classical arguments for the existence of God (ontological and Thomistic arguments), discusses the philosophical issues that confront contemporary apologetics, and provides an incisive critique of presuppositional apologetics.

About the Book

Must a person accept Christianity on faith alone, or is there a reasoned defense for being a Christian? The authors of this book hold that Christianity is eminently reasonable. The primacy of the mind in the Christian faith can be affirmed without denying the importance of the heart. This book embraces reason without rationalism, personal love without personalism, faith without fideism is our capacity to love Him. The book is divided into three parts. Section I is a prolegomenon dealing with the problems and methods of apologetics. Section II develops the theistic proofs and authority of Scripture. Section III is given over to a critique of presuppositionalism in apologetics, particularly with reference to the thought of Cornelius Van Til. Classical Apologetics will help the thoughtful Christian understand his or her faith better, and it will provide more solid grounds for sharing this faith with others.

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