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With inspiring stories, practical suggestions, and a carefully curated reading treasury of the best children’s literature for each area of the globe, Give Your Child the World helps parents raise insightful, compassionate kids who fall in love with the world and are prepared to change it for good.

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Young children live with awe and wonder as their daily companions. But as they grow, worries often crowd out wonder. Knowing this, how can parents strengthen their kids’ love for the world so it sticks around for the long haul?


Thankfully, parents have at their fingertips a miracle vaccine—one that can boost their kids' immunity to the world’s distractions. Well-chosen stories connect us with others, even those on the other side of the globe. Build your kids’ lives on a story-solid foundation and you’ll give them armor to shield themselves from the world’s cynicism. You’ll give them confidence to persevere in the face of life’s conflicts. You’ll give them a reservoir of compassion that spills over into a lifetime of love in action.


Give Your Child the World features inspiring stories, practical suggestions, and carefully curated reading lists of the best children’s literature for each area of the globe. Reading lists are organized by region, country, and age range (ages 4-12). Each listing includes a brief description of the book, its themes, and any content of which parents should be aware.

Parents can introduce their children to the world from the comfort of home by simply opening a book together. Give Your Child the World is poised to become a bestselling family reading treasury that promotes literacy, develops a global perspective, and strengthens family bonds while increasing faith and compassion.


An invaluable resource for anyone and everyone who has children in their lives! Jamie Martin has scoured the best in children’s literature from around the globe and compiled, in one volume, book recommendations sure to appeal to the reader in your life.

I know I’m not the only one who’s stood in the middle of the children’s section at the library or bookstore knowing I’m surrounded by good books to read but wishing someone would point me toward which ones to choose---and which to pass over. Now Jamie is here to help me do just that. She’s done the hard work of sorting the good stuff from the mediocre, highlighting her family’s favorite titles region by region. Now I’m free to focus on the fun part: reading good books with my kids.

I’ve traveled all over the globe and have seen both amazingly beautiful and horrifically tragic parts of our planet. I want my children to impact and alleviate the world’s hurts one day, but first they have to fall in love with it. That’s where a resource like Jamie’s book comes in. It enables our families to read our way to a love for the world, thereby giving fuel to our determination to heal it in the unique way God created us to.

Give Your Child the World is a must-read for every parent who wants to expand their child’s worldview beyond the suburban bubble of middle-class American culture. Can’t afford to travel? Jamie proves that giving your children cross-cultural experiences need not cost a dime. A library card and a strong imagination can make it happen!

Give Your Child the World is an absolutely brilliant book. I love how Jamie has taken carefully selected literature from all over and about the world, broken it into topics, countries, and age ranges, and created an incredible resource where I can simply open the pages and choose. It’s also filled with practical ideas and inspiration to help me teach my children about the beauty and diversity of the world. She’s done the work! I can’t wait to get started “traveling” the world!

For parents who want their children to fall in love with the world, right from the coziness of home. Jamie knows that stories are the most powerful way to reach the heart of a child, and this collection of carefully selected books will be a worthy companion for mindful parents everywhere. A treasure trove!

In the day-in, day-out craziness of life, I have this nagging feeling that I should be teaching my kids about the whole wide world, but I have no idea how. Jamie Martin has done all the hard work for us in Give Your Child the World. What a resource! This book is chock-full of creative ideas and book suggestions to lead our families around the globe without ever leaving our homes. Every parent needs a copy.

Inspiring, accessible, and supremely practical, Give Your Child the World is an outstanding resource for families who want their children to engage the world and shape its future. It helps children imagine, believe, and love. Give Your Child the World makes dreams tangible for children. We highly recommend it!

The world is smaller than ever and only getting smaller. As parents, we would do well to raise our children so they are able to navigate the increasingly global society they will live in. Jamie has given us parents an incredible gift. With practical ideas and a wonderful reading list, Give Your Child the World is a valuable resource in raising compassionate, global-minded kids who love the whole world.

As parents, we have a deep desire to raise our kids with cultural sensitivity and aware- ness. So much so that we’ve made traveling around the world as a family a priority, to give our kids rich cultural experiences that we hope will shape them into adults who make a difference. I only wish I’d had Jamie’s amazing book before we started traveling, to help me find books for our kids to read in preparation for the places we visited. But even better, I think it’s the perfect tool for those who aren’t able to travel. Stories are one of the best ways to develop empathy, compassion, and gain someone else’s perspective, and these book recommendations will give your kids the incomparable gift of being able to “travel” the world through story.

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