My Exodus

by Alan Chambers, Leslie Chambers

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Book Summary

In My Exodus Alan Chambers, the former president of Exodus International, shares his own story of same-sex attraction, his closing of Exodus, and his deepening understanding of God’s nature. This is the book for those who desire to be welcoming and loving to all people without compromising their faith or their biblical theology.

About the Book

In sharing his own story of being a committed believer who struggled with same sex attraction early in his life, author, husband, and father Alan Chambers will help you understand the issues from the inside. And as the former president of the largest ex-gay ministry, Alan knows all the arguments, the concerns, the scriptures, and the heartaches. 

My Exodus encourages us to look for and affirm the image of God in everyone. It’s a reminder that God is still at work and deeply loves his creation. And it’s a book for everyone who wants to be welcoming and loving to all people without compromising their faith or their biblical theology.

Through personal and powerful stories and opening the scriptures, you will come to understand how to love all people and positively engage our culture in the red hot conversations and topics surrounding LGBT and the Church 

Ultimately, My Exodus equips us all to be better and do better in God-honoring ways. By embracing the idea of loving well because we want to and not because we have to, we will find hope for ourselves, for the Church, and for our world.


Contrary to popular belief, Christians do not need another book on sexuality. We have enough jeremiads, enough diatribes, enough proclamations, enough sharp-edged screeds. Thankfully, My Exodus is not just another book on homosexuality. Alan Chambers embraces the messiness of sexuality matters and reminds readers that God loves everyone equally regardless of their sexual orientation or practices. In a time when many Christians are opting for easy answers, Chambers focuses instead on raising difficult questions and empowering readers to face them with grace. My Exodus is part memoir and part gut check, but whole- heartedly hopeful. If you’re struggling with how to live well or love well, you can’t afford not to read this book.

In an atmosphere of anger, hatred, and division, Alan Chambers is a voice of love, authenticity, sanity, and truth. My Exodus is a book that should be read by all who want to know a better way. Alan Chambers “smells like Jesus.”

Alan Chambers’ well-publicized exodus from Exodus International has a backstory that needs to be heard. People on all sides of the LGBTQ issue will benefit from seeing the story’s protagonists humanized rather than stigmatized, and this account, beautifully told, does so with grace and honesty.

Exodus International promised to change gay to straight, but instead found itself changed from a large, influential organization to one with shuttered doors. President Alan Chambers advocated orientation change in both his personal and professional lives, and instead found himself changed as a man and as a leader: keeping his vows to his wife and children, directing courageous organizational change, and experiencing and proclaiming Jesus’ love. At first glance, My Exodus seems like a story of deep and often painful change, but read it more closely, or read it a second time, and you’ll see that the really true things have stayed the same. God’s changeless love and boundless grace were the true promise, not orientation change. Alan describes how truth, grace, love, and mercy have proven solid and trust- worthy, even through profound organizational and personal challenges. The time is ripe--- overripe --- for truth-telling about reparative therapy and about the sincere spiritual lives of gay Christians. This book tells that truth.

Who is spotless in this world except the Lamb of God? Who extends the unmerited favor of grace to all mankind but the Lord? Read this honest, open, personal, and loving work and see how the God of love meets us at every point of our need and restores us by his grace as we walk through the temptations and potholes of life.

My Exodus is one of those rare books that I could not put down until I finished it. While it will certainly be contro- versial, I promise it is not dull! Alan and Leslie share their journey with amazing vulnerability and honesty. Five stars!

My Exodus is beautifully written. You will laugh and cry, but most of all you will encounter an extraordinary grace. Thank you, Alan and Leslie, for allowing us into those vulnerable places.

The Bible says that the truth that you know will set you free, and this is what happened for Alan Chambers when he was challenged by a young gay man in the Exodus International ministry who knew that heterosexual marriage would never be a solution for his life. My Exodus is a story of courage, truth, and integrity as Alan Chambers, the final president of Exodus International, closes the doors of the organization, along with its premise of change, and embarks on a whole new adventure with his wife, Leslie, of love, grace, acceptance, and inclusion.

You don’t know what you think you know about an issue until you know someone deeply affected by the issue. This book, written by two people I deeply respect, is not only delightful and intriguing but profoundly insightful.

Grateful for the honesty and bravery that Alan and Leslie willingly share in their story. I’m hopeful their book sheds light and brings hope to many who are confused and hurting, especially in the Christian community. Like the Chambers, I’ve also found new freedom in loving everyone and seeing the image of God in all of humanity.

Alan and Leslie have written a quick read with high value. If you’re curious about the closing of Exodus International, because of Alan’s vulnerability you’ll learn how the decision was made. Decide for yourself whether it is something to blame him for or credit him with. But this book is about so much more. Your hope and confidence will increase if you’re willing to think about some of Alan’s statements that may surprise and even challenge you. Alan’s most important contribution might be in the area of identity. My Exodus is a powerful reminder that knowing who we really are is transforming and energizing. Authenticity is a beautiful thing, and Alan’s example might just move you to examine your own life. You will benefit from Alan’s humbling and vulnerable slice-of-life illustrations. Read this book now.

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