by Carolyn Custis James

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Book Summary

Malestrom reimagines our culture’s narrow definitions of manhood, showing through the stories of men in the Bible and Jesus’ gospel present a much larger picture of what it means to be male.

About the Book

Malestrom builds on and expands previous books by Carolyn Custis James to explore the idea of manhood, a growing issue both in the wider culture and in the church. Until now, the entire discussion has been largely reduced to Western conceptions. Instead, James here shows how our culture’s narrow definitions of manhood are upended when we consider the examples of men in the Bible and Jesus’ gospel. Together, they show a whole new Kingdom way of being male and forging men and women into the Blessed Alliance.


With her characteristic warmth and wisdom, Carolyn Custis James examines manhood through the lens of Jesus Christ and offers a better way forward for men, a way characterized by partnership, joy, and humility.

Malestrom takes a close and provocative look at the dangers of patriarchy by taking a close look at what Scripture says about it. This book
will lead you to ponder the type of person God asks all of us --- male and female --- to be. It is a good question to meditate on.

By surveying the diverse biblical landscape with wisdom, insight, and conviction, Carolyn Custis James calls for a Christ-centered understanding of ‘male,’ where men and women are equal image bearers of God, truly one flesh, and thus coworkers in the mission of God on earth. James’s Malestrom is a prophetic and healing voice.

This conversation is long overdue within the global church today. A timely, well-articulated, and thought-provoking book!

In Malestrom, Carolyn Custis James takes us by the hand and leads us through the story of how God dismantles patriarchy in the Bible. By the time we’re done reading, a new space has been cleared. Men can now be men. Women can now be women. And together we can live God’s gendered salvation. It is a remarkable accomplishment.”

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