Green Mama

by Tracey Bianchi

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In the midst of carpools and play dates, does the idea of saving the planet feel like something else to feel guilty about not doing? Green Mama puts green living within your reach. Tracey Bianchi offers creative tips, tricks, and resources that will benefit your kids and your community and will draw you closer to God’s heart for this planet. This book and its contents are not authorized, endorsed, sponsored or approved by The Green Mama, LLC

About the Book

Moms today are busier than ever. Taking care of the planet sounds like a great idea—but in the midst of taking care of your kids, it becomes just one more thing to feel guilty about not doing. Tracey Bianchi knows what it’s like to live in the middle of suburbia with a to-do list too long to write down. In Green Mama, she brings green living within reach for every overtired, overstressed, and overwhelmed mom. Her practical suggestions help moms like you make environmentally wise choices at the grocery store, schoolyard, and kitchen table, while keeping an eye on the kids and the budget. With creative tips, tricks, and resources, she shares her stories of successes and failures in saving the planet and inspiring her kids to love God’s world. Moms need a resource like Green Mama to remind them that green living is not another chore but an invitation to a creative partnership with God. As Bianchi enthusiastically tells you, green living is more than a trend—it is God’s beautiful plan for the planet and for your life. This book and its contents are not authorized, endorsed, sponsored or approved by The Green Mama, LLC


Bianchi artfully blends a Christian outlook with a quest to live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.
While unabashedly focused on saving the world as part of God’s plan, she realizes it will take a lot of
practical choices to accomplish that goal. So while she does credit her faith for much of her determination,
she also notes that combating global warming so that the onslaught of the Mountain Pine Beetle will be
halted is a worthy achievement anyone can appreciate. Bianchi doesn’t make suggestions about specific
products so much as point out the connections between our choices and some very dire ramifications. “It’s
all hooked up,” she writes, and then draws a line from fewer scallops on her plate to the increase in
predatory cownose rays that are booming due to the overfishing of sharks. Bianchi avers that convenience
must not be the choice of those truly committed to their faith, family, and environment. Hip, funny, and
earnest without being preachy, Bianchi is an environmentally focused author. Fox News fans, among many
others, will easily embrace

Writer and speaker Bianchi does what few evangelicals have the courage or social insight to accomplish, treading fearlessly into the minefields of discord between those Christians who go enthusiastically green in their habits and philosophical leanings, and those who do not. The author presents a compelling argument for prudently using (and not simply wasting) everything from water to electricity to foodstuffs. Bianchi shares her personal story of becoming a 'green mama' with eloquence and gently calls others to do likewise, making small but significant choices as outward expression of faith, trust, and selflessness. The author also offers plenty of practical 'Green Steps' and 'Eco-Examen' questions in every chapter for daily application. Readers will not be guilt-tripped into accommodating Bianchi's ardent desire to save the planet, but will instead find themselves compelled to rethink their lifestyle with a more environmentally friendly eye.

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