Known by Name: Rahab with DVD

by Kasey Van Norman, Jada Edwards, Nicole Johnson, Karen Lee-Thorp

On Sale: 2018-01-07

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Book Summary

This four-session video Bible study series features a variety of speakers focusing on women from the Bible through dramatic vignettes, spoken word poetry, and traditional Bible teaching.

About the Book

Good enough, as is. God redeems.

Women's hearts are exposed and the truth of our nature is revealed as we explore the lives of women in the Bible who asked the same three questions every woman still asks today: How does everyone see me? How do I see myself? How does God see me?

Rahab was not the typical woman, but she displayed very typical female characteristics. She was nurturing and protective, vulnerable, and hopeful. Where we learn the most from Rahab is the one character trait she lacked: self-doubt. Rahab is our sister in Scripture who considered her worthiness in God against the cultural odds and standards then, and still today. Regardless of your personality, past, present, or position, there is a place in God's plan for you. He doesn’t want your personality—He wants to redeem and use for His plan, just as you are.

Learn from Rahab in this four-session video Bible study, the subtle and apparent differences between what we think of ourselves, what society projects on us, and what God's final word about us says! This study will take you into the heart of Rahab as the everyday woman in modern culture through drama, expose the truth of our behaviors through strong Biblical psychoanalysis, and reveal the solid truth each of us longs for, to know that we are known by a God who considers us good enough, as is, and wants to redeem us!

This pack contains one book and one DVD.

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  • On Sale: 2018-01-07
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