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Treat Me Like a Customer

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Quick Overview:

Do you feel as though you’re doing everything right to provide for your family but sense a growing distance between you and those you love the most? According to entrepreneur Louis Upkins in this Treat Me Like a Customer eBook, you may be doing all the right things, but in the wrong order. Using a simple customer service principle, you can learn how to be just as successful at home as you are at work. Fulfill your calling as a parent and spouse by doing what you do so well at work.
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Be As Successful at Home As You Are at Work So many professionals work non-stop to secure the next rung on the corporate ladder. Why then do they struggle to enjoy their success even at the peak of their career? According to entrepreneur Louis Upkins, by using a simple customer-service principle, you can learn how to be just as successful at home as you are at work. Fulfill your calling as a parent and spouse by treating those closest to you as well as you would treat your customers. Powerful stories and clear, practical teaching help leaders at every level reorder their priorities and bring their lives back into balance in this Treat Me Like a Customer eBook. You will learn: • How to balance the demands of work and home • What your loved ones really want • How to regain trust and build integrity • Why a good fight isn’t the end of the world • How to protect your family from competition By applying these and other tactics explained by Upkins, you will reconnect with your family and experience the same success at home that you enjoy at work.
Contributor(s) Louis Upkins, Jr. , Bob Buford
About the Contributor(s) Louis Upkins, Jr.
Louis Upkins, Jr. lives in Franklin, Tennessee with his wife, Charita; son, Caleb; and daughter, Zoe. He is an entrepreneur widely known in the corporate world for successfully creating beneficial strategic alliances and partnerships with Fortune 500 companies in the sports and entertainment industries.
UPC 025986395575
ISBN-13 9780310395577
Publish Date Dec 22, 2009
Publisher Zondervan
Price $10.99
Format eBook
Language English

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