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  1. 9780310519638

    Preaching the Whole Counsel of God

    In Preaching the Whole Counsel of God, Julius Kim aids preachers and speakers with the necessary principles and practices to interpret and deliver effective expository, Christ-centered sermons and messages that honor God and transform hearers. Learn More

  2. 9780310524953

    The Greek-English New Testament

    • Leather-look
    The most widely used edition of the Greek New Testament and the most widely read contemporary English Bible translation are now available in one volume! Featuring the UBS 5 critical text (with the full apparatus) and the New International Version, this reference volume stands to become the standard edition for translators and students. Learn More

  3. 9780310521167

    Locating Atonement

    The proceedings of the third annual Los Angeles Theology Conference seek to identify the place of the doctrine of atonement in systematic theology. Locating Atonement: Explorations in Constructive Dogmatics intentionally excludes discussion of theories of atonement, typologies of those theories, and contests among various theories. Instead, it undertakes the question: What else is there to do in atonement theology besides rehashing types and theories? Learn More

  4. Practical Shepherding Series Complete Set

    Practical Shepherding Series Complete Set

    The Practical Shepherding Complete Set provides pastors and ministry leaders everything they need to know about practically and effectively leading their flock. Learn More

  5. ISBN: 9780310516972

    Luis de Molina

    Spanish theologian Luis de Molina is enjoying a quiet resurgence among Protestant scholars, a late appreciation for the Reformation-era Jesuit and contemporary of Calvin and Arminius. In the first full work ever on Molina, author Kirk R. MacGregor explores the life and original contributions of the brilliant philosophical theologian. Learn More

  6. 9780310516804

    A Reader's Greek New Testament

    A Reader’s Greek New Testament: Third Edition saves time and effort in studying the Greek New Testament. Definitions for Greek words that appear 30 times or less appear in footnotes, as an aid when encountering less common vocabulary. Other features include maps, a mini-lexicon, and notes comparing the Greek text underlying the NIV with NA28. Learn More

  7. 9780310520627, Biblical Counseling and the Church : God's Care Through God's People, Bob Kellemen

    Biblical Counseling and the Church

    In Biblical Counseling and the Church, Bob Kellemen and Kevin Carson have assembled over twenty respected ministry leaders who examine the relationship between counseling and the church. This comprehensive resource, part of the Biblical Counseling Coalition series, helps leaders and counselors develop a vision that goes beyond being a church with a biblical counseling ministry to becoming a church of biblical counseling—a church culture that is saturated by “one-another” ministry. Learn More

  8. ISBN: 9780310494539

    Devotions on the Hebrew Bible

    Devotions on the Hebrew Bible by Milton Eng and Lee M. Fields contains 54 devotions, based on the Hebrew Bible and written by some of the best biblical language scholars of today, that will inspire students and pastors to glean new insights from the Hebrew Bible and encourage them to keep using their Hebrew. Learn More

  9. 9788482679693, Teología con rostro de niñez : Una perspectiva teológica de la infancia, Harold Segura

    Teología con rostro de niñez

    El presente libro argumenta que los niños y las niñas deben ser considerados "sujetos teológicos" y que la niñez debe ser tenida en cuenta por la teología cristiana, porque representa un enorme desafío social para la misión de la Iglesia. Learn More

  10. 9780310529934, Recovering the Unity of the Bible : One Continuous Story, Plan, and Purpose, Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.

    Recovering the Unity of the Bible

    In this book Walt Kaiser makes the case for the unity of the Bible. The theological unity of the Bible celebrates the diversity of the Bible, but does so with the conviction that even though that unity can be tested historically, ethically, and otherwise, it has not detracted from the central case for the theological harmony that is found in the text. This has been the general conclusion of two millennia of Judo-Christian exegesis. Learn More

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