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World Religions

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  1. 9780310516637

    The Challenge of the Cults and New Religions

    This book takes a practical approach to studying the cults, focusing attention on 12 of the primary representative cults or categories of cults. Learn More

  2. 9780310330639

    Introduction to Messianic Judaism

    In this comprehensive introduction to Messianic Judaism, David Rudolph and Joel Willitts present a collection of articles by both Messianic Jews and Gentile Christians. Introduction to Messianic Judaism offers a thorough examination of the ecclesial context and biblical foundations of the Messianic Jewish movement. Learn More

  3. 9780310329268

    Understanding Your Mormon Neighbor

    Ross Anderson helps non-Mormons understand and relate to friends and acquaintances involved in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Raised in the Latter-day Saints Church himself, Anderson highlights essential elements in the experience of life as a Mormon---stories, practices, teachings, community activities, and beliefs---to help Christians form faith-sharing relationships with Mormons. Learn More

  4. 9780310259442

    Understanding World Religions

    Irving Hexham’s introductory world religions text explores various religions under the broad categories of African Religions, the Yogic Traditions (including Buddhism), and the Abrahamic traditions. He presents an appreciative yet realistic approach, noting both the strengths and inherent problems of various world religions. Learn More

  5. 9780310291534

    The Mormon Mirage

    Three decades after leaving the Mormon faith, Latayne Colvett Scott looks back to her original journey out of Mormonism and the reasons why she left. Revised and updated, this third edition of The Mormon Mirage presents both a fascinating inside look at Mormonism and new and formidable evidence against its claims and teachings. Learn More

  6. 9780310283218

    Understanding the Book of Mormon

    What does the Book of Mormon teach? How does it compare to the Bible? Why does this book appeal to many people? Former Mormon Ross Anderson addresses these and other questions, guiding readers in an exploration and assessment of the Book of Mormon and offering a Christian response to its teaching. Learn More

  7. 9780310255642

    Muslims Next Door

    Shirin Taber takes us from fears and false stereotypes and shows us a unique perspective of how North American Muslims live and think. The reader will uncover myths, learn to create friendships with Muslim, neighbors and relationally show them Christ. Learn More

  8. 9780310248125

    Understanding the Koran

    A quick non-technical, introduction to the Koran designed to help Christians understand a hidden book revered by 1.3 billion Muslims, covering the background on its writing, a summary of its contents, a perspective on how it’s used and viewed by Muslims, a comparison of differences and similarities to the Bible, and some suggestions on how it should and should not be used in conversations with Muslims. Learn More

  9. 9780310250111

    The Liberation of the Worldwide Church of God

    The fascinating story of the remarkable and unique transformation of the Worldwide Church of God from heretical sect to mainstream evangelical denomination, told by a long-time insider and church executive. Learn More

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  10. 9780310247487

    Is the Father of Jesus the God of Muhammad?

    An articulate presentation of the distinctive Christian understanding of God in the context of resurgent Islam, aimed at helping Christian believers speak and live the truth in love and learn how to interact with Muslim ideas in an increasingly pluralistic culture. Learn More

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