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A Very Fine House

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  1. 9780310516569

    Church History, Volume One: From Christ to the Pre-Reformation

    A church history text that integrates the events and development of the church with the social, economic, and intellectual history of the world around it. Learn More

  2. 9780310257431

    Church History, Volume Two: From Pre-Reformation to the Present Day

    Church History, Volume Two: From Pre-Reformation to the Present Day, by John D. Woodbridge and Frank A. James III, displays the growth of the church from the Reformation times to the present within the cultural, intellectual, and political contexts of the world around it. It represents a follow-up and companion to Everett Ferguson’s Church History, Volume One: From Christ to Pre-Reformation. Learn More

  3. 9780310695158

    What On Earth Am I Here For? Curriculum Kit

    What On Earth Am I Here For? is a six-week, video-based small group study of The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren---the book Publishers Weekly declared the 'bestselling nonfiction hardback in history.' This curriculum kit for groups or individuals contains a copy of The Purpose Driven Life, one What On Earth Am I Here For? DVD, and one What On Earth Am I Here For? Study Guide. Learn More

  4. 9780310325338

    Christian Apologetics

    This fascinating collection provides selected readings addressing key issues in the history of Christian apologetics. Selections are taken from history’s most notable defenders of Christian faith---including Saint Augustine, C. S. Lewis, and Pope Benedict XVI---In all, over fifty significant writings are arranged topically with introductions, author images, discussion questions, a bibliography and an author index. Learn More

  5. 9780310291107

    Beyond Integrity

    Integrity is essential to Judeo-Christian business ethics, but today’s business environment is complex. This book provides a decision-making model for those in business or preparing to enter the business world, demonstrating how integrity and biblical ethics can be applied in the workplace so you can go “beyond integrity” in their thinking. Learn More

  6. 9780310230137

    Historical Theology

    This book presents the history of various doctrines in identical order to their appearance in Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology. Rather than following the history of Christianity and learning about various doctrines as they arise, readers can trace the development of vital Christian theology topic by topic. Learn More

  7. 9780310651932

    The Me I Want to Be, Teen Edition Curriculum Kit

    'Every aspect of a teen’s life is growing and changing; their bodies, their minds, and their faith. But helping a teen really grow spiritually and understand how to live into the life that God desires for them can be a challenge. The Me I Want To Be, Teen Edition curriculum, based on best-selling author John Ortberg’s book, will help teens discover what it can look like when they’re fully alive. They’ll see that God has a perfect vision for their lives, and that they can live their best life. In Learn More

  8. 9788482674148

    Diccionario de ética cristiana y teología pastoral

    Una obra académica, exhaustiva y documentada. Incluye un completísimo diccionario alfabético y un conjunto de artículos monográficos, para ser utilizados como material didáctico y libro de texto sobre la materia. Redactado con la participación de más de 250 especialistas en las distintas materias. Cubre todos los tòpicos derivados tanto de los avances científicos y tecnológicos que plantean cuestiones éticas como los que surgen de nuevas situaciones sociales. Learn More

  9. 9788482673516

    Comentario al texto griego del Nuevo Testamento

    El comentario al texto griego del Nuevo Testamento (Imágenes Verbales en el Nuevo Testamento) de A. T. Robertson en seis volúmenes, ahora en un solo volumen con el texto completo y sin abreviar con los libros de la Biblia estructurados en orden bíblico. Learn More

  10. 9788482674902

    Sermones y bosquejos de toda la Biblia, 13 tomos en 1

    Publicado originalmente por Clie en 13 volúmenes ahora disponible en uno. Incluye bosquejos homiléticos y estudios bíblicos cue cubren todos los libros y temas de las Sagradas Escrituras. Debidamente agrupados y ordenados en orden bíblico del versículo clave y por temática. Al final incluye un índice completo de todos los pasajes comentados, un índice por títulos así como un índice de palabras clave. Learn More

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