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Men's Issues

Man Enough

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  1. 9780310343370

    Man Enough

    Nate Pyle uses biblical examples of masculinity, as well as his own story of not feeling “man enough”, to help men see that manhood isn’t about what you do, but who you are. Ultimately, Man Enough encourages men to conform to the image of Jesus, freeing them up to be who they were created to be: a son of God who uniquely bears his image. Learn More

  2. 9780310325574


    Malestrom reimagines our culture’s narrow definitions of manhood, showing through the stories of men in the Bible and Jesus’ gospel present a much larger picture of what it means to be male. Learn More

  3. ISBN: 9780310331759

    The Man in the Mirror

    This book, called by some the best book for men ever written, invites men to take a probing look at their identities, relationships, finances, time, temperament, and most important, the means to bring about lasting changes in those areas. Learn More

  4. 9780829765939


    En su nueva obra Pelea, el autor y escritor Craig Groeschel presenta las claves para ganar las batallas realmente importantes, a base de descubrir quiénes somos en realidad. Le enseña al hombre que fue creado a imagen de Dios, con un corazón de guerrero. También le enseña a mantenerse firme, y pelear por lo que es correcto. Learn More

  5. 9788482678757

    Tu identidad Sí importa

    Como hombres vivimos tiempos complicados. Donde la autenticidad de nuestro cristianismo está siendo diluida entre la confusión de género y el virus de la pasividad. La lectura de este libro contribuye a comprender y eliminar los falsos estereotipos. Learn More

  6. 9780310333746


    Author and pastor Craig Groeschel helps you uncover who you really are---a man created in the image of God with a warrior’s heart---and how to stand up and fight for what’s right. Learn More

  7. 9780310319993

    Bond of Brothers

    What’s up with men? Why are we so afraid to be known? According to Wes Yoder in Bond of Brothers, a whole lot of insecurity, secrets, shame, and silence keep us from growing strong in the broken places. It’s time to replace shallowness with true friendship. This book is a pathway for all men who want relationships, not stadium movements. It is for men who want friends, not rallies. Learn More

  8. 9780310327073

    L.O.V.E. Workbook for Men

    Written especially for men, this workbook based on the content in L.O.V.E.: Uncover Your Personal Love Style contains study questions and exercises to take the book material to a more personal level. Learn More

  9. 9780829752779

    El papá frente al espejo

    ¿Quién es ese hombre en el espejo? Para tu hijo o hija, él es «papá», el hombre más importante del mundo. Learn More

  10. 9780310284789

    Trading Places Workbook for Men

    Couples who are stepping on each other’s toes should try walking in each other’s shoes. Trading Places reduces conflict, deepens your commitment, and helps you live as better friends and lovers. Mutual empathy—the revolutionary tool for instantly improving a relationship—can be learned and practiced, say the authors of this groundbreaking book. Learn More

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