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Larry Osborne

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  1. 9780310494508

    Innovation's Dirty Little Secret

    Innovation has a dirty little secret that sets apart the serial innovator from the one-hit wonder. In Innovation’s Dirty Little Secret, Larry Osborne, a respected pastor and frequent consultant to business leaders, reveals the hidden secret behind serial innovation and shows leaders how to navigate the landmines of innovation in ways that will provide new levels of stability and creativity to any organization. Learn More

  2. 9780310494447

    Accidental Pharisees

    The pursuit of radical faith—high commitment, high passion Christianity—has hidden dangers. In Accidental Pharisees, Larry Osborne explores nine of the most common temptations that can ensnare us on the road to a deeper life of faith and warns against the danger of adding activities onto the teachings of Jesus that “prove” our commitment to God. Learn More

  3. 9780310494478


    In Sifted, based on Jesus’ encouragement to Peter in Luke 22 to keep his faith and minister to others in his weakness, three veteran church leaders—Wayne Cordeiro, Francis Chan, and Larry Osborne—offer tested principles for long-term effectiveness and sustained spiritual health to younger leaders and those who are starting out in a new ministry or planting a church. Learn More

  4. 9780829740424

    10 cosas tontas que creen los cristianos inteligentes

    En este libro práctico y encantadoramente personal, el respetado maestro de la Biblia, Larry Osborne, enfrenta diez tontas y peligrosas creencias ampliamente generalizadas. Learn More

  5. 9780310324645

    Sticky Teams

    In Sticky Teams, Larry Osborne exposes the hidden roadblocks, structures, and goofy thinking that all too often sabotage the health and harmony of even the best intentioned ministry teams. Then, with practical and seasoned advice, he shows what it takes to get a leadership board, ministry team, and an entire congregation headed in the same direction, sticking together, unified and healthy for the long haul. Learn More

  6. 9780310285083

    Sticky Church

    The greatest challenge facing most churches today isn’t getting people through the front door—it’s keeping them from leaving through the back door. In his new book, Larry Osborne reveals what it takes to cultivate a “sticky” church and reveals the strategy of sermon-based small groups to retain members while leading your church into even deeper levels of discipleship. Learn More

Set Ascending Direction

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